Grovey v. Townsend

FIn September 1934, R. R. Grovey challenged the all-white primaries in Texas in Harris Court County Justice of the Peace Court 1-2 by bringing suit against County Clerk Albert Townsend for refusing to allow Grovey to vote by absentee ballot in the Democratic Primary held on July 28, 1934. Because there is no appeal to state courts from the Justice Courts, any appeal would go directly to the United States Supreme Court.

The following documents are from both the JP 1-2 Court and the Supreme Court.

CourtCase No.DateTitle
JP 1-2639151934, 09/10Case File Envelope
JP 1-2639151934, 09/10Original Petition
JP 1-2639151934, 09/10Citation
JP 1-2639151934, 09/24Defendants Original Answer
JP 1-2639151934, 09/24Appeal Bond
JP 1-2639151934, 09/25Motion for a Trial
JP 1-2639151934, 09/25Overruling Motion for a New Trial
JP 1-2639151934, 10/06Transcript of Judgment
US Supreme5631935, 01/14Petition Centioraria
US Supreme5631935, 04/01Court Mandate
US Supreme5631935, 05/08Correspondence

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