Results Of the Commissioners Court Meeting of 04/30/2002

All agenda items approved as presented with the following exceptions:

Harris County Commissioners Court

Exceptions to April 30, 2002 Agenda





04 1.c.1.e Flood Control District Item Withdrawn
11 5.e Public Health & Env. Svs. Expand Item to Include 2 County Judge Employees
11 4.d Facilities & Property Mgmt. Agreement renewed with DLC Properties, Inc. instead of Stephens Leasing, Inc.
14 9.f Youth & Family Services Effective date of June 01, 2002
16 10.n Constables Refer to County Attorney
18 13.e County Clerk Set Canvass Date for May 4th Election on May 10, 2002 @ 10:00 a.m.
19 17.b Justices of the Peace Approve subject to review by F&PM
21 21.d.7 Purchasing Item Withdrawn
24 21.d.36 Purchasing Item Approved for 90 Day Trial Period
27 23.d Miscellaneous Refer to County Attorney
28 28.b Executive Session (taken in open court) Appoint Jackie Freeman to Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Transit Authority


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