Results Of the Commissioners Court Meeting of 07/02/2002

All agenda items approved as presented with the following exceptions:

Harris County Commissioners Court

Exceptions to July 02, 2002 Agenda





03 1.b.4 Toll Road Authority Item Withdrawn
10 1.d.29 Engineering Award to Contech Const. Products
12 2.l Management Services Approve subject to implementation plans & reduce # of members of proposed committee from 15 to a lesser number.
13 7.1 Community Development Svs. Approve for submission purposes. Hold distribution of funds until further action by Court.
14 7.o Community Development Svs. Item Withdrawn
16 10.f Constables Refer to Fleet Services
17 10.n Constables Approve subject to review by County Auditor
17 11.c Sheriff Refer to County Attorney
18 12.b Fire & Emergency Services Item Denied
18 12.c Fire & Emergency Services Item Denied
19 15,a District Clerk Change # of employees from one to two and increase amount of funds requested from $425 to $850. Also, expand to include County Clerk=s office.
22 22.d.3 Purchasing For clarification purposes, phrasing should read A...beginning date on award letter to be changed...@
22 22.d.4 Purchasing Item Withdrawn
22 22.d.7 Purchasing Reject bid & re-advertise bid
22 22.d.8 Purchasing Item Withdrawn
23 22.d.14 Purchasing ALow bid@ should read Lowest Responsible Bidder
27 23.a.4 County Judge Expand to include members of Juvenile Board
27 23.b.2 Comm., Pct. 1 Table & Bring Back at Later Date
29 29 Executive Session Authorize County Attorney to assist with finalizing interlocal agreement between HC and COH and authorize ROW section of PID to proceed with property acquisition with formal approval of purchase and execution of earnest money agreement to be presented at future Comm. Ct. meeting.

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