Results Of the Commissioners Court Meeting of 10/08/2002

All agenda items approved as presented with the following exceptions:

Harris County Commissioners Court

Exceptions to October 08, 2002 Agenda





04 1.d.5 Engineering Item Withdrawn
05 1.d.11 Engineering Dollar amount should be $700.00 rather than $300.00
06 3.a Central Technology Center Item Withdrawn
09 8.c Constables Refer to Management Services
09 9.a Sheriff Item Withdrawn
10 10.b Fire & Emergency Services Item Withdrawn
10 10.d Fire & Emergency Services Remove word Amaster@ before Apeace officer...@
10 11 Medical Examiner Refer to Management Services
13 19.d.7 Purchasing Item Withdrawn
14 19.d.14 Purchasing Item Withdrawn

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