Results Of the Commissioners Court Meeting of 12/10/2002

All agenda items approved as presented with the following exceptions:

Harris County Commissioners Court

Exceptions to December 10, 2002 Agenda





01 1.a.6 Public Infrastructure Item Withdrawn.
06 1.b.19 Right of Way Change location from Precinct 1 to Precinct 2.
17 7.c Library Services Refer to Website Committee.
16 17.d Justices of the Peace Refer to Management Services.
16 17.g Justices of the Peace Refer to Management Services.
27 21.c.14 Purchasing Refer to Management Services.
28 21.c.20 Purchasing Change Public Health & Environmental Services to Precinct 2.
29 21.c.24 Purchasing Refer to Management Services.
30 21.c.41 Purchasing Refer to County Attorney.
31 22.a.5 County Judge Appoint Judge Eckels & Comm.-Elect Garcia as delegates, and Comm. Lee as alternate.
31 22.a.6 County Judge Appoint Commissioners Lee & Radack.
31 22.a.9 County Judge Expand to include 2 additional employees of the County Judge=s office.
32 22.a.10 County Judge Item Withdrawn
33 22.d.5 Comm., Pct. 3 Should read establish two mechanic positions.
33 22.e.1 Comm., Pct. 4 Title for Fire Marshal should also include Chief Executive Officer.
35 27.a Executive Session Appoint Danny Jackson and Gloria Gonzalez Roemer; defer on Sonny Flores and Danny Louie.


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