Results Of the Commissioners Court Meeting of 07/15/2003

All agenda items approved as presented with the following exceptions:

Harris County Commissioners Court

Exceptions to July 15, 2003 Agenda





01 1.a.4 Public Infrastructure Change "personal services" to "professional services" on Clegg amendment, and change "appraisal services" to "personal services" on Stephens amendment.
02 1.b.2.s Right of Way Add Andrea Hernandez’ name as recipient.
05 1.d.1.j Flood Control District Company name should read W. Gorman Morris, not W. Morris Gorman.
07 1.e.5.f Engineering Item withdrawn
12 15.b Justices of the Peace Refer to Purchasing
14 17.p Travel & Training Item withdrawn
16 17.nn Travel & Training Expand to County Clerk’s Office & District Clerk’s Office

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