Results Of the Commissioners Court Meeting of 08/12/2003

All agenda items approved as presented with the following exceptions:

Harris County Commissioners Court

Harris County Commissioners Court

Exceptions to August 12, 2003 Agenda





01 1.a.2 Public Infrastructure Item held 2 weeks
07 1.e.2.o & 1.e.2.p Engineering Items withdrawn
13 8.g Constable, Pct. 6 Item in the amount of $136,512.00 withdrawn
15 14.e County Attorney Hold item for full vote of the court
15 18 Probate Courts Refer to County Attorney & budget office
19 19.qq Travel & Training Item denied
20 19.ww Travel & Training Expand to include all members of the juvenile board
24 21.c.5.a Purchasing Hold until next court meeting (8-26)
24 21.c.9 Purchasing Item should read …for internet provider services… instead of "…for long distance services…"
25 21.c.10 Purchasing Amount should read $309,500 instead of "$302,000"
25 21.c.13 Purchasing Refer back to Purchasing department to be brought back at a later date
26 22.a.5 County Judge Refer to PID and Management Services
27 22.d.1 Commissioner, Precinct 3 Refer to Management Services, Precinct 3, and the County Judge’s office
29 23.g Miscellaneous Receive changes and set public hearing for 6 p.m., August 20, 2003 in the jury assembly room.


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