Results Of the Commissioners Court Meeting of 09/09/2003

All agenda items approved as presented with the following exceptions:

Harris County Commissioners Court

Exceptions to September 09, 2003 Agenda





03 1.b.11 Right of Way Should be Precinct 4 instead of Precinct 2
04 1.c.4 Toll Road Authority Item held
10 3.c Central Technology Refer to Purchasing
20 16.d.5.k Purchasing Award Class 13, Item B1 to Premium Foods, Incorporated
21 16.d.7.i Purchasing Approve up to $100,000.00
23 17.a.7 County Judge Item held
24 17.b.3 Commissioner, Precinct 1 Change Blue Ride to Blue Ridge
24 17.c.2 Commissioner, Precinct 2 Item withdrawn
26 18.d Miscellaneous Refer to David Turkel


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