Results Of the Commissioners Court Meeting of 01/13/2004

All agenda items approved as presented with the following exceptions:

Harris County Commissioners Court

Exceptions to January 13, 2004 Agenda





01 1.a.4 Public Infrastructure Refer to Co. Judge & OEM
04 1.c.5 Toll Road Authority Address should be 2202 Nance
13 9.b Constables Item should include transmittal of renewal bonds for Constable Precincts 2 and 6
15 11.e Fire & Emergency Services Item withdrawn and referred to County Attorney for further review
15 12 Medical Examiner Dollar amount should read $445
16 14.f County Attorney Back-up letters from Tax Assessor and County Attorney (including memo from law firm) to be included as part of official minutes of Commissioners Court
16 15.a District Attorney Refer to Human Resources & County Attorney
16 16.a & b Justices of the Peace Hold & refer to budget
16 17 Probate Courts Refer to County Attorney
20 19.x Travel & Training Expand to Comm., Pct. 4
21 19.jj Travel & Training Hold 2 weeks
21 19.nn.1 Travel & Training Expand to include all Comm. Ct. members, Fire Marshal, & Sheriff
21 19.nn.2 Travel & Training Expand to include Fire Marshal & Public Health
26 21.c.6.b Purchasing Wording should be changed from "…a $49,101 monthly increase…" to a $49,101 monthly amount which includes a $1,291 increase
28 21.c.11.c Purchasing Dollar amount should be $3,923,227
29 22.a.2 County Judge Term expiration date should be January 24, 2007
31 23.b Miscellaneous Item held & referred to County Attorney
31 23.c Miscellaneous Item approved as follows: endorse the concept of the Harris County Hospital District 2015 Strategic Plan subject to review at regular budget intervals and subject to the Hospital District amending the Plan= s blueprint to include looking at existing outside healthcare facilities to help serve the medical needs of citizens who use the District.


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